Understanding the AI promise

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an important game-changer in businesses as the technology is able to perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence, such as speech and facial recognition, visual perception, language translation and complicated information search and even decision-making.

There are new advances which allow AI to even learn from their mistakes, which makes AI the better choice in areas where human errors can be a matter of life and death. Then, machine intelligence poses risks too.

With substantial investments being made in AI by governments and organisations in recent years, the resultant innovation will not only revolutionise businesses across the globe but also redefine humankind’s other activities.

This was deliberated during the AI Revolution 2018 Forum held at MIMOS on Oct 18, which brought together industry players, the research community and general stakeholders to share ideas and explore the most essential and intriguing topics in AI.  The forum went on a high note as could be judged from the response and interactivity among some 160 participants from Government, industry and academia, who came to gain new knowledge on the rise of AI.

Co-organised by AI Malaysia Community Group, MIMOS and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the full-day event was aimed at providing a broad and balanced perspective of the latest challenges, opportunities and developments in the fast-moving world of AI.

It was also to raise awareness on the existence of AI Malaysia Community Group, which is a non-profit entity established a year ago, which gathers people with AI knowledge and skills who are devoted to increasing public understanding of AI technology.

Among the essences in the forum include how the application of AI can transform the operations of organisations in various sectors such as retail, finance, health, consumer, transport and energy.

The conference was the largest event the group has organised since it was formed, said AI Malaysia Founder William Yap.