Advanced Computing

MIMOS Advanced Computing cluster spearheads R&D activities in large-scale computing, chiefly Cloud Computing.  MIMOS Cloud Computing involves the many layers of technology from Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Services Delivery Platform (SDP).  This direction takes into account that cloud services are a megatrend towards the delivery of ICT applications.

Being the National R&D centre, MIMOS has worked on a five-year high-performance computing technology roadmap for Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010) and is now entering its second phase, which is another five-year roadmap for Cloud Computing Initiative for 10th Malaysia Plan. Cloud Computing complements the National Broadband Initiative and promotes ICT growth with its capability of processing large amounts of data in a simple, efficient and powerful manner.

For R&D collaborations, please send an e-mail indicating the area of collaboration to: