Artificial Intelligence

MIMOS Artificial Intelligence (AI) R&D focuses on developing high-performance Intelligent Big Data Analytics (BDA) software for deriving insights from the exponential growth of unstructured data (e.g. news, social media, blogs, forums, images, videos, sensor data) and structured data (e.g. databases, systems). This is achieved by applying AI-based Data and Knowledge Analytics technologies, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Semantic Technology, Graph Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Analytic Modelling, and Neural Networks.

With the acceleration in digitalisation, the need for AI in Intelligent BDA across all industries is critical for enterprises to gain a competitive edge and to ensure business continuity. A myriad of digital solutions include social media sentiment analysis, social network intelligence, manufacturing environment monitoring, vehicle licence plate recognition, versatile video surveillance, and blood pressure and composition analysis. Potential industries include agriculture, finance, healthcare, biodiversity, logistics, education, manufacturing, government, legal and many more.

For R&D collaborations, please send an e-mail indicating the area of collaboration to: