Cognitive Analytics

The Cognitive Analytics Lab aims to be a leading research centre in digital assessment technology. The lab, which has been operating since 2009 and was formerly known as the Psychometrics Lab, combines expertise in various areas such as computer science, cognitive informatics, cognitive science, statistics, psychoinformatics, psychology and computing to produce applied solutions for digital assessment of human behaviour and capabilities. Cognitive Analytics develops both cognitive and non-cognitive assessments for various applications; the target groups for these assessments range from preschoolers to working adults. The lab has its own digital assessment platform, the MIMOS Psychometric Assessment Platform (Mi-PAP) and has developed several applications to run on the platform. One of these applications, the Talent Performance Management Solution (TPMS), is designed to provide profiling solutions to a wide range of users, including educational institutions, government bodies and private businesses.

For R&D collaborations, please send an e-mail indicating the area of collaboration to: