Wireless Innovation

Connecting the Unconnected

The Wireless Communications Cluster aims to realise the vision of “Ubiquitous Network Society” in Malaysia and the whole world.  The objectives of providing a full-fledged ubiquitous network are threefold: To optimise coverage and capacity, to develop a new generation of wireless broadband network that allows efficient spectrum management; and to develop an open and smart ubiquitous platform that can integrate various communications devices, networks and applications.

The cluster conducts research in areas of networking, mobile computing infrastructure and solutions, with an emphasis on designing, implementing, and evaluating new network systems, protocols and applications.  Our current main focus of R&D is divided into four main technologies: Mesh Network, Cognitive Radio, Internet of Things and Dynamic Mobile Cloud.

For R&D collaborations, please send an e-mail indicating the area of collaboration to: rnd@mimos.my