5G and AI Innovation Hub -A-

5G and AI Innovation Hub is a facility equipped with 5G network infrastructure and AI instruments, established through the tripartite partnership of MIMOS, Maxis and Huawei with the aim to accelerate the creation of industrial use-cases enabled by 5G, AI and other advanced technologies.

As the host of the national 5G & AI Hub, MIMOS will offer its technological capabilities by providing its state-of-the-art labs, advise on the R&D and support in uplifting the Malaysian technology competitiveness. Maxis and Huawei will support the hub with their best-in-class network and connectivity services and technology solutions via knowledge transfer and training.

The hub will put forward several proposed showcases including a technology implementation for image processing and smart agriculture; smart manufacturing empowered by 5G technology; and data mining that can enhance user experience and offer more personalised content.

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