Test Case Prioritization Using Firefly Algorithm for Software Testing

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Muhammad Khatibsyarbini ; Mohd Adham Isa ; Dayang N. A. Jawawi ; Haza Nuzly Abdull Hamed ; Muhammad Dhiauddin Mohamed Suffian;



Softwaretestingisavitalandcomplexpartofthesoftwaredevelopmentlifecycle.Optimizationof software testing is still a major challenge, as prioritization of test cases remains unsatisfactory in termsof Average Percentage of Faults Detected (APFD) and time execution performance. This is attributedto a large search space to nd an optimal ordering of test cases. In this paper, we have proposed anapproach to prioritize test cases optimally using Firey Algorithm. To optimize the ordering of test cases,we applied Firey Algorithm with tness function dened using a similarity distance model. Experimentswere carried on three benchmark programs with test suites extracted from Software-artifact InfrastructureRepository (SIR). Our Test Case Prioritization (TCP) technique using Firey Algorithm with similaritydistance model demonstrated better if not equal in terms of APFD and time execution performance comparedto existing works. Overall APFD results indicate that Firey Algorithm is a promising competitor in TCPapplications



IEEE Access ( Volume: 7 ) , 2019