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Involve in more Industry 4.0-related research, academia urged

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KUALA LUMPUR, 15 May 2019: International Trade and Industry (MITI) Deputy Minister Dr Ong Kian Ming has urged education institutions in the country to involve in more research activities relating to Industry 4.0.

Dr Ong said one of the possible ways for academia to accelerate Industry 4.0-related research is by collaborating with national applied research and development centre MIMOS.

“As we all know we are already embracing Industry 4.0 where we see industry transformation with the application of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT).  AI, for instance, can be incorporated in teaching and research activities.

“We encourage more educational institutions to involve in research relating to Industry 4.0, be it academic or applied research, that can benefit industry and the nation as a whole,” he said, adding that MIMOS has the technological capabilities to meet industry needs.

He said that during the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signing ceremony between MIMOS and SEGi University and the launching of SEGi-MIMOS Centre of Excellence in AI, at the university in Petaling Jaya, on Tuesday.

Dr Ong commended the partnership, saying it would hopefully benefit the nation in its research and development of AI technology.

Under the partnership, both parties will undertake collaborative research in relation to AI technology while the SEGi-MIMOS Centre of Excellence in AI would see both parties leverage on each other’s expertise.

The agreement will bridge the gap between basic research being undertaken by SEGi University and technology development in MIMOS through collaborative R&D; and will contribute to the development of a new talent pool with the right competencies in AI.

The agreement was signed by MIMOS Interim Chief Executive Officer Emelia Matrahah and SEG International Bhd Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Hew Moi Lan.  Also present were SEGi University Vice-Chancellor Professor Patrick Kee and MIMOS Chief Technology Officer Thillai Raj.

Thillai Raj said AI has become a game-changer in many sectors including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and the service industry, as it helps them in optimising their efficiency and productivity.

“The fast-paced digital economy has left governments and industries with no choice but to adopt cutting-edge technologies such as AI in their race to add value for customers.  SEGi University has made a timely decision in setting up the AI Research Centre, which I foresee will push the boundaries of AI research.

“Our collaboration with SEGi University is in line with Industry4WRD (the national policy on Industry 4.0) where we want to build a strong pool of knowledge, skills, and talent towards increasing the country’s AI capabilities,” he said.

Professor Kee said the SEGi-MIMOS Centre of Excellence aims to conduct research and develop disruptive technology based on foundational AI that addresses operational problems and enables new products and services to the nation with a strategic roadmap established with MIMOS to ensure a phase-by-phase implementation.

“In 2015, SEGi University launched its first R&D Blueprint (2016–2020) focusing on three main phases that allowed us to drive successful research and innovation strategy with an impactful outcome for the community. We will internalise our research capability through effective collaboration among the public, university, business sectors and across national boundaries.

“SEGi is committed to adopting a global benchmark in producing world-class students and academics who could constantly evolve and generates the Malaysian economy to the next level. One of our main focuses is on preparing our academics and students for Industry 4.0, a new wave of industrial revolution.

“One of our focuses areas based on our R&D Blueprint is AI. The Centre will work on developments in machine learning, social robotics, business intelligence, computer vision, computational intelligence, brain-computer interface, data science, and information systems, as well as commercialisation of our research activities,” he added.


MIMOS teams up with CMC Engineering to improve rail commuter experience

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BUKIT JALIL, 11 Jan 2019 – CMC Engineering Sdn Bhd (CMC), a member ofThe Malaysia Rail Industry Corporation (MARIC) will leverage the capabilities of national applied research and development (R&D) agency, MIMOS, in providing technology solutions to boost rail commuter experience.

The collaboration will see MIMOS together with its subsidiaries, and CMC contributing their respective expertise and services to support rail operations.

CMC is an engineering procurement construction company that specialises in the installation, testing, commissioning, support and maintenance for railway-related industries.  

Central to the engagement is the digital Crowd Management System, where MIMOS’ capabilities in advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies will be used to enhance operational productivity, route planning efficiency and overall daily rail operations.

This engagement will further deepen CMC’s technical capabilities in digital solutions and rail maintenance activities.

CMC Chief Executive Officer Hazwan Alif Abdul Rahman said: “As we integrate and strengthen our urban transportation system, we want to offer new and smarter ways of travel and transit.  The system should incorporate intelligent security surveillance, relevant demographic information and a detailed analysis of commuter demands.”

“With the MIMOS-CMC engagement, we hope to further improve our rail transport reliability and provide our commuters with an efficient and thoughtful system, towards a more connected and sustainable urban transportation,” he said.

MIMOS Chief Technology Officer Thillai Raj Ramanathan said: “This partnership is particularly significant for MIMOS in our role to facilitate the industrialisation of Industry 4.0 elements towards galvanising local companies and developing homegrown advanced electronics and ICT technologies.”

The agency has been providing technologies for various strategic sectors namely Government services, manufacturing, healthcare, public safety, agriculture, financial services, education and smart community.


Microsoft Malaysia partners with MIMOS to establish AI and IOT Schools in Malaysia and launches “A Cloud for Global Good in Asia”

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KUALA LUMPUR, 10 December 2018 –Minister of International Trade and Industry, YB Datuk Darell Leiking witnessed the exchange of AI Development memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Microsoft Malaysia and MIMOS Berhad (MIMOS), as well as officiated the launch of Microsoft’s publication, “A Cloud for Global Good in Asia”. The partnership between Microsoft and MIMOS signifies the establishment of the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet Of Things (IOT) Schools in Malaysia.

First launched in 2016, “A Cloud for Global Good” is a policy book developed by Microsoft that offers recommendations for governments, industry and civil society. The aim of the book is to ensure that the opportunities of technology are evenly shared and that challenges facing society are identified early and practical solutions applied. Over the years, Microsoft has advanced the policy framework laid down in the book, including new learnings and ideas within it. Its launch in Malaysia marks the book’s first entry into the region.

Congratulating Microsoft and MIMOS on their partnership, YB Darell adds “Among the key learnings from countries that have already embarked on their Industry 4.0 transformation is the need to pay attention to enablers. This had been highlighted in the National Policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4WRD), as we fully appreciate the importance skills and technology play in driving innovation in a country. Through this collaboration, we are one step closer to achieving one of the objectives of the policy that is to create the right ecosystem for Industry 4.0 by providing digital infrastructure and digital skills training.”

In line with the nation’s goal to become one of the main destinations for the high-tech industry by 2025 under Industry4WRD policy, the partnership between Microsoft and MIMOS will see the establishment of a joint lab in MIMOS. The lab will be equipped with Microsoft’s IOT and AI programs, providing access to development tools for learning purposes. During the course of the partnership, workshops such as the ‘Hands on Lab on Internet of Things’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will be conducted to help train young entrepreneurs and graduates to leverage on the power of IOT and AI. Throughout the duration of the partnership, Microsoft will facilitate the training sessions in these workshops.

“As we move towards Industry 4.0, industries are expected to benefit from technologies such as IOT and Artificial Intelligence.  At MIMOS, we have had early successes in the application of these technologies in our key projects, hence we would like to see more technology adoption and innovation from our local industries,” said MIMOS Chief Technology Officer, Thillai Raj.

“Equally important is to have all industry stakeholders to work together with the Government to develop policies that are agile and conducive for a more widespread implementation of smart solutions. That will, in turn, increase productivity levels across all market segments,” he said.

Microsoft and MIMOS have been long-term partners in building Malaysia’s innovative talent, having established the Microsoft Innovation Centre at MIMOS back in 2008. The present partnership will see a revival in the collaborative efforts of both parties, as they provide a platform to support the Industry4WRD initiative by the government by providing training and tools for Malaysian to transition smoothly into Industry 4.0. By enrolling in the MIMOS Technology Recipients Program, entrepreneurs and start-ups can venture further into the world of AI and IOT to help build their knowledge on data science, machine learning and AI modelling.

“We stand now at the dawn of a new era, one which is built on the cloud and based on data driven technologies,” said K Raman, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia. “Following the implementation of the Industry4WRD policy by the Malaysian government, we are excited to work closely with MIMOS to help build a future ready workforce in Malaysia, a workforce that is capable of capitalizing on the full capabilities of AI, IOT and many more future technologies. Coupled with our “A Cloud for Global Good in Asia” policy book, we hope to play our part in setting the trajectory of our nation towards being a leader in innovation as well as technological skills, priming ourselves for Industry 4.0.”

The collaboration between Microsoft and MIMOS is also in line with the recently launched ASEAN Digital Skills Vision 2020, an initiative that pledges to equip 20 million ASEAN workers with digital skills and opportunities in the next two years. It aims to address the employment and skilling challenges brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As part of its pledge, Microsoft aims to provide 15,000 university students with internship opportunities, deliver digital skills training to 2.2 million SME employees, and to hire 8,500 digital workers by 2020 across ASEAN.


MITI: MIMOS can play significant role in Third National Car development

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BUKIT JALIL, 8 Nov – National applied research and development centre MIMOS can play an important role in the development of third national car envisioned by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

International Trade and Industry (MITI) Minister Datuk Darell Leiking said the third national car project can create new jobs and promote vendor development in automotive parts and components.

“In today’s job market, there is already demand for new posts such as data scientists, data forensic specialist and so on. Traditional means of doing things have been changed. For instance, in Silicon Valley, we can observe and study how digital farming is done. A tech start-up called Finless Foods has started to grow fish in a lab using cellular agriculture technology.

“In the case of Malaysia, while some may have their reservations, we should see Third National Car in the context of a big picture. It can generate new jobs, vendor development in automotive parts and components including electric vehicle batteries and spur data collection and processing which could be useful for other related industries.

“Together with the Malaysia Automotive Institute, MIMOS can play an important role in this development, perhaps among others, to improve vehicle performance such as by creating systems to avoid accidents or hazards,” Darell said in his keynote speech at the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): Empowering the Future seminar.  His speech was delivered by MITI Deputy Secretary General (Trade) Datuk Norazman Ayob.

The minister said there was also Blockchain, which could revolutionise how international trade is conducted to generate greater confidence in consumers. 

Hosted by MIMOS, the seminar was a part of an awareness programme, which is one of MIMOS’ strategies as 4IR Advisory Agency and Strategic Government Centre of Excellence, in welcoming opportunities, and addressing the risks and challenges of the industrial revolution.

Darell said that the seminar was an excellent platform for promoting technology-based technical and vocational skills as a game-changer in producing competent, industry-ready graduates for the future.

 “We need to continue adding value to Malaysia’s exports by empowering our industry with globally-competent technology, at the same time developing a new breed of human capital who are futureproof and 4IR-ready.

“I look forward to MIMOS’ continued contribution to trade and industry; not just in the traditional sectors of E&E, which you have contributed to significantly for many years, but also in other areas where there’s always need for new technology applications,” he said.

MIMOS chief executive officer Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim said: “As a member of the MITI family, MIMOS now commands a more strategic position over the vast potentials and possibilities that lie within 4IR.  We are now a step closer to industry, which will hopefully facilitate our delivery of direct value to strategic sectors, startups and entrepreneurs.

“MIMOS can help industry gain more advantages in the value chain, not only through 4IR technology applications but also in specialised talent development, which can make a critical contribution to their supply chain strategies,” he said.

Speakers at the seminar included MIMOS Senior Staff Researcher Ir Dr Hafizal Mohamad; World Startup Festival Regional Director, Fazil Irwan Som; SG Education Group Founder and Chairman, Dato’ Sri Ganes; Human Resources Ministry’s Centre for Instructor and Advanced Skill Training (CIAST) Senior Programme Coordinator, Dr Aziyati Yusoff; Naluri Hidup Founder Azran Osman-Rani; and Nadi-Ayu Technologies Chief Executive Officer Nadira Mohd Yusoff.


MIMOS unwraps first clinically-tested non-invasive glucose monitor

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KUALA LUMPUR, 8 Nov 2018:  National applied research and development agency, MIMOS, has announced a major breakthrough in medical device technology with the unveiling of a non-invasive, non-intrusive and non-destructive device for blood glucose screening.  The device applies chemometrics methods to analyze the near-infrared (NIRS) obtained in absorbance mode through the user’s thumb spectra.

Called GlucoSenz, the device is the world’s first clinically-tested non-invasive blood screening prototype.  It works by using photonics, electronics and software technologies to detect, analyse and predict blood glucose level from the blood capillaries of the human thumb without piercing the skin.

To use the device, the thumb is placed on the thumb module, where light will be projected.  The reflected light is then collected by a fibre-optic probe that guides the light to a detector. The light spectrum is then analysed by a built-in software module. The blood glucose level result in mmol/l then appears on the LCD display.

The device is a result of a seven-year research and development by MIMOS’ photonics technology laboratory. Ethical approval for the device was obtained from the Malaysia Medical Device Association; Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS) and the UKM Medical Centre (HUKM).

“The launch of GlucoSenz marks a huge step forward for MIMOS’ Advanced Electrical and Electronics division, particularly the photonics R&D team,” MIMOS R&D Senior Director Mohd Shahiman Sulaiman said.

“At this stage, the solution can bring a significant impact to healthcare providers, where safety and economics are of paramount importance.  A non-invasive, non-intrusive glucometer will protect healthcare personnel from possible occupational exposure to infected blood.  Hospitals and clinics will also reduce cost in the long run as alcohol swabs, lances and test strips will no longer be used,” he said.

Mohd Shahiman revealed that works on miniaturising the device are under way, with a target to produce the first mini prototype for trial by mid-2019.

“GlucoSenz would potentially replace conventional glucometers due to its ease of use and high accuracy.  Countries with high rates of diabetes and obesity should keep a watch on this product as it has a huge market potential,” he said.

Mohd Shahiman added that market roll-out is expected by end-2019.