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Yeo Bee Yin made maiden visit to MIMOS

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BUKIT JALIL, 27 SEPT – Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin on Tuesday made her maiden visit to national applied research and development (R&D) centre, MIMOS.

During MIMOS’ visit, she was briefed by the agency’s senior management team led by chief executive officer Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim.  Yeo was accompanied by the Ministry’s Secretary-General Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Azhar Yahaya and key officials.

Among the things highlighted during the briefing session included the agency’s functions, capabilities, challenges and opportunities as well as on other organisational issues. Yeo was also briefed on MIMOS’ current and future technology undertakings.

Among other issues, the minister queried on the low uptake of local technology by Malaysian companies. She was made aware of the need to have an initiative to incentivise local industries that utilise homegrown technologies as they are equally competent and cheaper than the foreign ones.

The Minister hinted on the possibility of deploying MIMOS technology, such as those for public safety, in Putrajaya.

Yeo was later taken on a tour to MIMOS’ five national-level technology facilities that support the national Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) agenda. Those facilities featuring Big Data Analytics – Digital Government; Big Data – IoT Technology Accelerator; Nano Fabrication and Smart Manufacturing; Industrial Design and User Experience; and Hardware Prototyping and Testing Services. This is in line with  the 12 R&D  programmes under the 11th Malaysia Plan.

MIMOS in their technology presentation said that the agency’s focus was on applied R&D in frontier technologies; citing public safety, traffic management, agriculture and national healthcare as some of the benefiting sectors.

It said that MIMOS technology applications could also be used for environmental monitoring.

“Through MIMOS’ Big Data Analytics, insights could be derived from data, including crowd-sourced data (e.g. data from social media and popular apps such as Waze) which in turn would be used in building technology solutions, like one that manages public grievances on environmental issues such as open burning,” said MIMOS chief technology officer Thillai Raj Ramanathan.

MIMOS also stressed that data analytics was not the only method that could be used for environmental monitoring.  The agency has been working on other technologies for the environment such as using off-grid communication, and smart sensors, like those currently used to monitor Tasik Chini.

Ahmad Rizan said: “As key driver of technologies in the 4IR, MIMOS is committed to support emerging technologies such as 3D-Design and Augmented Reality for Smart Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics, apart from running programmes in talent and skills development”.

Ahmad Rizan also welcomed the calls to intensify R&D for commercialisation and to heighten productivity through science and technology.

Ahmad Rizan explained that MIMOS is committed to support the national agenda and to be a Strategic Government Centre of Excellence and Advisory Agency for 4IR towards moving Malaysia from a nation of technology consumers to technology producers.


MIMOS welcomes calls to enhance TVET programme

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BUKIT JALIL, Aug 9 – Head of TVET Empowerment Committee Nurul Izzah Anwar has called on MIMOS, the national applied research and development centre, to be one of the agencies that lead in curriculum development to boost Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in view of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Nurul Izzah said there was an urgent need for the relevant agencies and industry players to lead, or at least participate actively, in curriculum development to improve programme quality and graduate employability.

“MIMOS has done a lot to promote TVET development through various programmes such as today’s seminar entitled 4IR : TVET as an Enabler for Industry 4.0, and these initiatives and efforts are highly commended.

“As we are embracing 4IR, we need to produce highly-skilled generations that have the knowledge to use the 4IR technologies.

“The government cannot do this alone, hence it is important for the industry players and agencies to work together to provide support and resources for TVET programme,” she said at the press conference after closing the 4IR : TVET as an Enabler for Industry 4.0 Seminar.

MIMOS president and chief executive officer Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim, in response, said he welcomed the idea and look forward to sharing the agency’s services and resources.

Organised by MIMOS, the seminar was aimed at gaining better understanding on the new Government directions, industry expectations and institutions’ capacity with regard to TVET.

In his opening speech, Ahmad Rizan said MIMOS offers talent development facilities to complement and support TVET such as PERDA Advanced Technical Institute (PERDA-Tech) which offers classes in 3D Design, and MIMOS-Northern Corridor Implementation Authority Advanced Competency Development Centre offering semiconductor fabricating technologies training, among others.

“MIMOS always welcome the Government’s move to transform TVET and support 4IR-related skills development. Apart from training opportunities in areas of Advanced Electronics (e.g. development of IoT apps and services, 3D-Design etc), we also provide an Open Innovation Lab for technopreneurs and startups.

“MIMOS looks forward to sharing our expertise and resources with institutions like polytechnics and skills institutes, such as what we are doing with PERDA-Tech as well as state-based innovation centre like Penang Skills Development Centre and the upcoming Terengganu Digital Hub,” he said.

The 4IR : TVET as an Enabler for Industry 4.0 Seminar today saw an intense deliberation among the industry players on the topic. Among the speakers include Higher Education Ministry Deputy Secretary-General (Management) Dato’ Kamel Mohamad; MIMOS Semiconductor (M) Sdn. Bhd General Manager Wan Azli Wan Ismail; Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Council Member Dr. Helena Eian; Penang Skills Development Centre Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Ali Hajah Mydin; Infinecs Systems Sdn. Bhd Managing Director Kalai Selvan Subramaniam; and Malaysian Investment Development Authority Director Mohamad Ismail Abu Bakar.

REDtone and MIMOS collaborate to accelerate Johor 4.0 adoption through Digital-on-Things (DoT)

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KUALA LUMPUR – The leading integrated telecommunications and digital infrastructure services provider, REDtone International Bhd, and MIMOS – Malaysia’s premier Applied Research and Development Centre in Information and Communications Technology, Advanced Electronics Technology and Nano-Semiconductor Technology, are teaming up to drive the adoption of Johor 4.0 by leveraging on each other’s strengths.

This new strategic partnership enables REDtone and MIMOS to synergistically contribute to Johor’s economic growth in becoming a regional and global business hub.

REDtone’s integrated network with its multiple last-mile technologies, mobility infrastructure as well as cloud and various analytics platforms will lay the foundation and act as the catalyst for the implementation of Smart Agropolitan applications provided by MIMOS. These include the Smart Greenhouse, Smart Aquafarming and Augmented Reality, which are aimed at digitalising the agriculture sector, increasing farming productivity and quality, while maintaining the affordability and sustainability of the value chain.

REDtone and MIMOS are committed to growing a strategic partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration which encompasses:

  • 1. REDtone’s reliable integrated network and mobility infrastructure

Network connectivity is the starting point to facilitate Digital-on-Things (DoT) opportunities for Johor 4.0. As the only service provider in Malaysia with a unique suite of last-mile technologies such as Wireless Point-to-Point, Fibre, Metro E, Microwave, LTE (4G), WiFi and satellite, REDtone is equipped with deep expertise in integrated networks and mobility infrastructure as well as the capabilities to deliver scalable connectivity and on-demand solutions. REDtone designed its network with robust cybersecurity measures and mechanisms in mind: physical, network, host, virtualisation application and data.


  • 2. REDtone flexiCloud

The largest B2B cloud in Malaysia, REDtone flexiCloud offers a secure, scalable and agile cloud platform.


  • 3. Platform Technologies

These technologies span diverse areas, including Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), video analytics and an application development platform.


  • 4. MIMOS Smart Applications

Promoting a wide range of cloud-based and Digital-on-Things (DoT)-based services that are shaping the next generation Digital Lifestyle, these applications are equipped with various automation, mechanisation and intelligent system features using DoT-driven, knowledge-based solutions. They are aimed at creating new sources of economic growth for Johor as well as new business opportunities for smart products and services, ultimately representing an important step in realising the vision of Johor 4.0.

The strategic partnership’s collaborative offerings and initiatives will be showcased at the Johor 4.0 Digital Carnival, an eagerly-anticipated event that will be held at the Educity Sports Complex on the 1st and 2nd of April 2018, from 10am to 5pm.

According to Mr Lau Bik Soon, Group CEO of REDtone International Bhd, the company’s network and mobility infrastructure, cloud platform as well as its technological integration skills and expertise will act as the catalyst in paving the way for the deployment of the smart applications developed by MIMOS.

“We believe that this strategic partnership will further strengthen our position as a leading integrated telecommunications and digital services provider in Johor. More importantly, it will create lasting value for all the stakeholders of Johor 4.0, reinforcing our commitment to serve and make a positive impact on people and organisations by delivering reliable digital infrastructure and services,” Lau added.

MIMOS Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim said: “The synergy with REDtone will be the right catalyst for transformation of Johor as a centre of excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation. Ultimately, this will contribute to the digital economy as intended in the nation’s transformation agenda.” “Digital Johor 4.0 is the right platform to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 to sync with DoT,” he added.

REDtone is also the No. 1 WiFi builder and operator in Malaysia, having successfully built and managed thousands of WiFi hotspots nationwide. Its WiFi track record includes the Johor WiFi project. Leveraging on its technological expertise to contribute to societal development, the company believes that advancements in technology can directly benefit communities. Above all, REDtone is committed to supporting our national aspirations, specifically in bridging the digital divide, improving the country’s connectivity, and spearheading the adoption of Malaysian R&D and new technologies in the areas of Cloud, Big Data, Smart Cities, IoT technologies and Smart Communities. 


MIMOS’ smart controller for buildings to harness full potential of Industrial IoT

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BUKIT JALIL, 22 Nov 2017 – National research and development (R&D) centre in information and communications technology (ICT), MIMOS through its unit MIMOS Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd (MSSB) has unveiled a smart controller system for smart buildings that allows facility managers to not only better understand their energy consumption patterns, but also have direct control over it. 

The Secured Smart Controller (SSC) is an interlinked network of hardware and software, which monitor and control the environment, space and facilities in commercial and industrial buildings. The SSC system ensures optimum operational performance of the facility as well as the comfort, energy-saving and safety of building occupants.


Malaysia profoundly looking at Blockchain – MOSTI

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BUKIT JALIL, 16 Oct 2017 – Malaysia is looking at Blockchain technology in a big way with the formation of a National Task Force soon, said Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau.

The minister said the Task Force, to be led by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), will develop the policy, framework, strategy and implementation plans for Blockchain in both the Government and the non-government sectors.