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Job Description

Contract Management Assistant Manager / Manager

Contract Management Assistant Manager / Manager

Position Purpose & Summary:

The job purpose of a Contract Management Manager revolves around overseeing the contract management process within an organization.

This role involves ensuring that contracts are well-drafted, negotiated, and managed throughout their lifecycle.

The overall goal of a Contract Management Manager is to ensure that the organization’s contracts are well-managed, legally compliant, and contribute positively to the organization’s strategic objectives while minimizing risks.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

Contract Lifecycle Management: Oversee the entire lifecycle of contracts, from initiation and drafting to execution, monitoring, and closure.

Contract Development:  Collaborate with legal and business teams to develop contracts that align with organizational goals, policies, and legal requirements.

Negotiation and Review: Lead or support contract negotiations, reviewing and assessing terms and conditions to ensure fairness and alignment with organizational objectives.

Risk Management: Identify and assess risks associated with contractual agreements and develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

Policy Compliance: Ensure that all contracts adhere to organizational policies, industry regulations, and legal standards.

Stakeholder Collaboration:  Collaborate with various stakeholders, including legal, procurement, finance, and business units, to gather input and ensure contract alignment.

Vendor Management:
Manage relationships with external vendors and contractors, ensuring they comply with contractual obligations and deliver on agreed-upon terms.

Contract Administration:
Oversee the administrative aspects of contracts, including document management, compliance tracking, and maintaining accurate records.

Performance Monitoring:
Monitor contract performance to ensure that all parties fulfil their obligations, and take corrective action if necessary.

Dispute Resolution:
Address and resolve disputes or issues that may arise during the contract lifecycle, working towards amicable solutions.

Contract Renewals and Extensions:
Manage contract renewals and extensions, renegotiating terms as needed and ensuring continuity of services or partnerships.

Budget Management:
Work closely with finance teams to ensure that contracts align with budgetary constraints and financial objectives.

Generate regular reports for senior management on the status, risks, and performance of contracts within the organization

Academic Qualification:

  • Degree in Business Administration,
  • Legal Studies,
  • Contract Management, or a related field.
  • Advanced degrees or certifications (e.g., Certified Commercial Contracts Manager, Certified Professional Contracts Manager) may be preferred

Academic Qualification:

  • Relevant certifications in contract management, such as Certified Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM), C
  • ertified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM),
  • Certification in Contract Management (CICM) or equivalent, maybe beneficial

Technical Skills

  • Contract Management Software: Proficiency in using contract management software tools to streamline contract drafting, tracking, and management processes.
  • Document Management: Skill in managing and organizing large volumes of contract documents and ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.
  • Electronic Signature Platforms: Familiarity with electronic signature platforms for efficient contract execution. 
  • Data Analysis: Ability to analyze contract data, track key performance indicators, and derive insights for decision-making.
  • Technology Integration: Understanding of integrating contract management systems with other enterprise systems for seamless workflow.
  • Legal Research: Ability to conduct legal research to stay informed about changes in laws and regulations relevant to contracts.
  • Risk Assessment Tools: Utilization of tools for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with contractual agreements.
  • Budgeting Tools: Familiarity with tools for budget planning and management in the context of contract expenditures.
  • Contract Drafting and Review: Proficiency in drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure clarity, completeness, and compliance with legal requirements.

Soft Skills

Communication skills – Clear and concise communication to convey complex contract terms, issues, and resolutions to diverse stakeholders.

Team Collaboration – Ability to foster a positive and collaborative team environment within the contract management team.

 Adaptability – Flexibility to adapt to changing contract requirements, industry regulations, and organizational priorities.

Strategic Thinking – Ability to align contract management activities with organizational goals and long-term strategies.

Innovativeness – Willingness to explore innovative approaches to contract management and problem-solving.

Resilience – Resilience in the face of challenges, setbacks, or negotiations that may not go as planned.


  • Prior experience in contract management roles, demonstrating the ability to draft, review, and manage contracts throughout their lifecycle
  • Experience in negotiating contract terms and conditions to achieve favorable outcomes for the organization while maintaining positive vendor relationships
  • Work experience in legal roles or a legal background, providing a solid understanding of contract law and legal principles
  • Practical experience in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with contractual agreements
  • Involvement in budgetary considerations and financial aspects related to contracts, working closely with finance teams
  • Experience in addressing and resolving disputes or issues that may arise during the contract lifecycle
  • Use of contract management tools and technologies to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and maintain accurate records
  • Experience in identifying opportunities for process improvement and implementing best practices to enhance the efficiency of contract management processes.
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