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Job Description

Executive (Software System Laboratory)

Executive (Software System Laboratory)

Position Purpose & Summary:

To provide overall HR and operational support to MIMOS KHTP. Ensuring HR matters or issues addressed effectively and timely manner. To act as champion to ensure HR policies and processes compliance by employees.

Provides secretarial/administrative & HR support to MIMOS KHTP. Liaise and work with other operational department such as finance, procurement, CHR and other clusters. Help department staffs with operational task such as travelling arrangement, daily operations and event management.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Secretarial Services/OA support
  1. Provide secretarial support KHTP line managers & staff
  2. Logistic arrangement, (flight, hotel, travel costing, visa)
  3. Manage and monitor finance related process as such maintaining petty cash use in KHTP.
  4. Maintaining organization chart or headcount in organization.
  5. Manages all employee claims and coordinate with TPM for necessary transaction & approvals
  6. Work closely with TPM counterparts to ensure alignments with corporate initiatives.
  7. Work with TPM support services: finance, procurement, facilities.
  8. Work closely with Staffing/Payroll units on related task such as hiring, resignation.
  9. Establish easy to maintain and efficient processes to support organization.


  • Ensure compliance to MIMOS policies and procedures by KHTP staff. Office Management
  1. Coordinate and ensure the compliance to various process requirements such as Competency Assessment, Performance Management, NDA, DOA, compensation benefit and other related processes from time to time.
  2. Ensure KHTP employees comply 100% to above processes.
  3. Reviews, updates and maintains proper filing of KHTP Employee Personal Records. Prepare MEMO / letter & proper filing of any HR related events.
  4. Preparing monthly/annual headcount report and updating the organization chart.
  5. Perform other related duties impromptu) as a required basis.
  6. Managing external visitor/VIP visits plan and coordinate all logistic arrangements
  • Employee Engagement
  1. Plan, organize and execute employee engagement activities such as CEO Townhall, Wellness program, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Celebration, etc.
  2. Always involved in all employees engagement activities in order to make sure higher participation among employees.
  3. Plan and manage the budget for such activities.
  4. Work closely with TPM counterparts to ensure alignments with corporate initiatives.
  5. Assist MIMOS in organizing external event in Northern Region.


  • Procurement Management
  1. Assist external party to register as a MIMOS vendor
  2. Guide & assist staff to purchase software& hardware, engineering/professional services or any other item related to MIMOS KHTP
  3. Manage supply provider ( office stationeries, water, refreshment, pantries item, caterer, lcd projector & safety related items such as CCTV)
  • Resource Management/Talent Seeding
  1. Sourcing for CVs, Plan & schedule interview.
  2. Follow up interview outcome and finalize documents for hire.
  3. Work closely with CHR for hiring process and OL issuance.
  4. Engage selected candidates. Plan and execute on boarding needed (for KHTP).
  5. Manage resignation & exit process.
  6. Keep track of all employees contract (end contract, renewal contract)
  7. Work closely with Staffing in order to make sure all renewal contract is ready by the dateline


To ensure employees compliance to MIMOS policies and procedures, to manage MIMOS KHTP events/activities within the approved budget and to achieve department KPIs

Academic Qualification:

  • Degree
  • Finance

Technical Skills

  • Human resource operations (talent management, C&B , governance)
  • Finance and procurement operations (purchasing, receiving, invoicing)
  • IT (use of software – MS word, Excel, web based system, computer operations – file management)
  • Communication ( to communicate with staffs, vendors, event owners)
  • Event management ( to manage internal events – celebrations, seminars )
  • EQ ( to deal with staffs and other stake holders)


  • Fresh
  • 1-3 years
  • R&D
  • Finance/Admin
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