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Mydigital Id Registration For The General Public Will Commence In March 2024

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 December 2023 – In a groundbreaking initiative by MIMOS Berhad agency under the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) with Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD), and under the purview of MAMPU, the integration of MyDigital ID as the authentication method for all Government digital services promises a transformative experience for citizens.

This implementation aims to simplify access to a multitude of digital services while fortifying the security of online transactions.

MyDigital ID serves as a common online authentication method, granting citizens seamless access to a diverse array of government digital platforms.

By unifying the online authentication process, individuals can effortlessly navigate through various services, eliminating the hassle of multiple logins and simplifying their digital interactions with government agencies.

MyDigital ID Streamlined Access and Enhanced Security

Utilising MyDigital ID on Government portals guarantees secure transactions through a secure cryptography-based system. The security of the system is assured by an internationally recognised Common Criteria Certification at EAL3+. MyDigital ID application on the mobile phone contains a citizen’s digital identity bound cryptographically (a highly secured technology) to name and identity card number. Citizens can confidently engage in digital activities, knowing that MyDigital ID’s robust security features safeguard their information.

MyDigital ID as the cornerstone of government’s commitment to providing accessible and secure digital services for all citizens. This unified system not only simplifies the user experience but also prioritises the protection of sensitive information, reinforcing trust in our digital infrastructure

The implementation of MyDigital ID marks a pivotal step towards a more user-friendly and secure digital environment, aligning with the government’s vision of harnessing technology to empower its citizens.

MIMOS emphasises that MyDigital ID does not store any biometric data such as fingerprints, eye information, or facial recognition. It does not use any chips or implants. MyDigital ID also does not collect, monitor, or store personal databases or online user activities, does not disclose personal data openly, and does not allow users to have more than one digital identity. It also does not serve as a replacement for MyKad for identification purposes.

Currently, MyDigital ID registration is open to all government employees. MyDigital ID registration for the general public will commence in March 2024. Information for registration and locations of registration kiosks will be provided on MyDigital ID website then. For further information and inquiries, please send an email to or .

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12 December 2023


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