Rapid Reduction of Ultrathin Films of Graphene Oxide on Large-Area Silicon Substrate

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Marianah Masrie, Siti Aishah Mohamad Badaruddin, Mohd Rofei Mat Hussin,Nik Mohamad Razali Mohd Nor and Jeremy Joe



Graphene oxide thin films were fabricated on 8-inch silicon/silicon dioxide (Si/SiO2) wafersfor nanoelectronic applications. The fabrication was performed using an ultrasonic spray coating method and reducedby rapid thermal processing (RTP). The micrometer sizeddroplets from an ultrasonic spray of stable dispersion Graphene Oxide (GO) in ethanol form uniforms films on large-area silicon substrates. Optical microscope images clearly showed uniform thin films resulting from the overlappedof GO dispersion droplets. The chemical and structural parameter characterization were performed by field emissionscanning electron microscopyand X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The spraycoatingprocess usinganultrasonicatomizersystem with optimum parameters and the thermal reduction process using RTP at 1100 °C produceslow sheet resistance values ranging from 1 to 4kOhms/sq with non-uniformity less than 20%.



International Conference on Semiconductor Materials and Technology (ICoSeMT 2019), Penang