Advanced resource allocation and Service level monitoring for container orchestration platform

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Rajendar Kandan, Mohammad Fairus Khalid, Bukhary Ikhwan Ismail, and Ong Hong Hoe



Containerization becomes the first choice for faster deployment of application. Lightweight and instant start of containers find its place across various domains including big data and cloud. Due to this wide range in heterogeneity of resources, the orchestration framework is required for the management of containers. Resource selection becomes one of the major challenges in such environment. Although various open-source orchestration available in market for addressing the management of containers across varied platform, they provide only a basic scheduling scheme. In this paper, we highlighted various factors affecting the resource selection and proposed an architecture of resource-aware placement and SLA (Service Level Agreement) based monitoring which provides advanced scheduling and minimizes container migration.



International Conference on Sensors and Nanotechnology (SENSORS AND NANO 2019), Penang