Best Practices in Release Management of Large Projects

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Mensely Cheah Siow Fhang and Rajashekara Swamy



Today, with the nature of software assembled from legacy, existing independently produced and autonomous tested systems, it imposes great complexity in constructing a software release, this is especially true when a same software version is to deploy to anarray of software releases targeting different environments. Reduction of defects during various phases of testing due to the deployment of wrong version of software into different environments, in a large solution projects is a huge challenge. The volume, rapid and intensive deployment required in large solution projects calls for accuracy, reliability and availability in its Software Release Management process that encompasses the planning, design, build, configuration, testing, and deployment of associated software components. In this paper we will be sharing the software release best practices applied in our National R&D Centrein ICT, discussing on the defined processes for its software release management.



ICSA 2018 International Conference on Software and Computer Application, Universiti Pahang Malaysia, Pahang