IV&V Experience Framework: An Experience Paper on IV&V Implementation in Government project

150 150 MIMOS Berhad


Rozaini Abdul Rahman, Mensely Cheah Siow Fhang and Wong Wai Tong



Implementation of Information Technology (IT) projects has become an essential component and strategy in government’s effort in driving improvements and innovation. Having an Independent Verification and validation (IV&V) strategy is equally important and is essential in providing both government and management the oversight and risk assessment to effectively manage large projects. IV&V processes and approaches increases the governance of IT project implementation and improves the quality of software systems. The government recognizing its value and importance has established guidelines for ensuring that IV&V is implemented for critical IT government projects. MAMPU (Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit) for transforming ICT landscape is the central agency that has been driving IV&V in government. In this paper we describe the IV&V framework used by MIMOS; National R&D Centre in ICT and our experience implementing IV&V for critical and large software systems. We share the IV&V best practises adopted in projects and how it complements MIMOS proprietary IV&V framework for evaluating and assessing IT projects.



ICSA 2018 International Conference on Software and Computer Application, Universiti Pahang Malaysia, Pahang