Industrial Design Modeling for Smart Jewelry

150 150 MIMOS Berhad


Saharudin Busri



This paper presents the methodologies and the systematic approa-ches in the industrial design development process to incorporate aesthetic andaffective elements in Smart Jewelry. Contextual inquiry (CI) was conducted atthe early stage to gather all the users’inputs and feedback and KJ Analysis wasapplied to prioritize the voice of customer and hence the customer needs couldbe identified as our design requirements. Benchmarking and trend analysis werealso conducted in early stage to understand market trends, compare features andfaults in existing product in the market, at the same timefinding opportunitiesfor improvement in our own product. The development of the shape of the SmartJewelry, the color chosen and the branding profile creation were also discussedin the paper. Several design concepts and prototypes have been developed anduser’s emotions towards each concept in focus group have been captured. Thesurvey was carried out at the end of this paper to assess the design effectiveness.



Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018), pp.2039-2044