On-Premise AI Platform: From DC to Edge

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Bukhary Ikhwan Ismail,Mohammad Fairus Khalid,RajendarKandan,Ong Hong Hoe



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powering everything from devices, applicationsand services. Machine learning a branch of AI requires powerful infrastructureplatformto do training andto servethe AI model. In this paper,we shareour blueprint tobuildand hostinternal on-premise AI platform. We make use of our existing services such as private cloud, distributed storage, unified authentication platform, and build the AI platform on top of it.We discuss the requirements gathered from user, the technologiestomake it possible, implementation and lesson learned from hosting it internally.Based on our evaluation, based on specific need, it is economical and viable option to host on-premiseAI Platform.



10th International Conference on Networking and Information Technology, 2019