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Accelerating Johor’s 4.0 adoption

On April 1, MIMOS teamed up with leading integrated telecommunications services provider, REDtone International Bhd to drive the adoption of Johor 4.0 by leveraging on each other’s strengths.

The new strategic partnership allows both companies to synergistically contribute to Johor’s economic growth in becoming a regional and global business hub.

REDtone’s integrated network with its multiple last-mile technologies, mobility infrastructure as well as cloud and various analytics platforms will lay the foundation and act as the catalyst for the implementation of Smart Agropolitan applications provided by MIMOS.

These include the Smart Greenhouse, Smart Aquafarming and Augmented Reality, which are aimed at digitalising the agriculture sector, increasing farming productivity and quality, while maintaining the affordability and sustainability of the value chain.

REDtone and MIMOS are committed to growing a strategic partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration which covers REDtone’s integrated network and mobility infrastructure; REDtone flexiCloud; Platform Technologies and MIMOS Smart Applications.


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