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5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Hub

MIMOS 5G and AI Innovation Hub was established in partnership with Maxis and Huawei with the aim to support industries in accelerating the creation of industrial use cases enabled by 5G, AI and other advanced and disruptive technologies.
The innovation hub is equipped with 5G network infrastructure and AI instruments that allow industry players:

The innovation hub is equipped with 5G network infrastructure and AI instruments that allow industry players:

  • Experience and experiment with the latest 5G infrastructure, and build apps that leverage high bandwidth to observe their performances and expected results.
  • Run integration tests and IoT functions, and visualise the performance of deployed systems.
  • Anticipate collaboration with key partners and utilise leading-edge technologies, products and offerings to solve specific industry challenges.


As the host of the national 5G & AI Hub, MIMOS will offer its technological capabilities by providing its state-of-the-art labs, advice on R&D and support in uplifting Malaysian technology competitiveness. Maxis and Huawei will support the hub with their best-in-class network and connectivity services and technology solutions via knowledge transfer and training.


The hub also showcases AI-based technologies empowered by 5G, such as technology implementation for image processing and smart agriculture, smart manufacturing empowered by 5G technology, and data mining that can enhance user experience and offer more personalised content.

Use Case & Milestone

With gigabit speeds, millisecond latency, more robustness and reliability, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks that will open up a world of possibilities for individuals, businesses, industries and communities. 5G Fixed Wireless Access can be a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to providing broadband access to certain areas with limited broadband services.

5G Augmented Reality

Collaborated with Malaysia’s largest aquarium, Aquaria KLCC, on Malaysia’s first 5G Augmented Reality (AR) experience with marine life as part of the 5G Demonstration Projects, for an immersive experience in creating greater awareness on ocean conservation.

Basic Process Of Ai Development

2 Prepare Data

Data collection and pre-processing to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the obtained data

5 Deploy the Model

20mm front, 150×10 rear, Ultra durable J3 Group Issue Tires 26.5″x2.4″

4 Evaluate the Model

A model generated by training needs to be evaluated, adjusting the algorithm parameters and data for an optimised model

Intelligent World 2030

Technology is developing faster than we could have ever imagined. Digital technologies such as 5G, cloud, and AI are constantly being pushed to their limits, advancing in leaps and bounds. Our imagination is the only limit on how far we can go, but our actions now will determine how quickly we can get there. The best way to embrace the future is to build it ourselves. There may be ups and downs on our journey towards the intelligent world of 2030, but we will overcome them by working together and innovating continuously.