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2023-issue-3Technology Insights

Exploring Cutting-edge Electronics

The Wurth Electronics EMC Seminar took place at MIMOS on 18 July 2023. This event welcomed the public, offering a unique opportunity to delve into crucial and contemporary subjects within the electronics industry

The Wurth Electronics EMC Seminar

Engineers and technicians meticulously crafted the seminar’s content, catering to fellow professionals and aiming to provide attendees with invaluable insights for design development. The seminar specifically aimed to introduce practical considerations in the creation of EMC filters and standard mode chokes.

Predominantly attended by participants from universities engaged in power electronics projects, the seminar facilitated an exchange of experiences, enabling attendees to enhance their understanding of the intricacies of EMC design. This knowledge-sharing extended not only among peers but also through the guidance of a certified EMC practitioner representing Wurth Electronics. Furthermore, the seminar underscored the vital significance of deeply integrating EMC/EMI considerations during the initial stages of product design.