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Solutions for healthier environment

Issues of environmental threats have become increasingly prevalent and requires technology-based solutions to ensure sustainability and long-term socio-economic growth.  MIMOS has come up with several solutions to tackle these environmental challenges.

Among MIMOS’ solutions for the environment include Internet of Things (IoT)-based systems for peat forest management, flora and fauna protection and river quality monitoring.

MIMOS’ solution for peat forest management is essentially an early-warning system for peat forest fire detection. The system enables forest management authorities to better understand the peat swamp forest ecosystem through microclimate data, subsequently providing alerts for immediate human interventions.

For protection of flora and fauna, a surveillance system is installed in forest reserve areas, where video analytics-supported cameras would trigger alarms and provides mobile alerts to checkpoint centres as well as to rangers on duty, on suspicious incidents.  

To address the issues of degradation of river water, MIMOS has come up with a river quality monitoring solution. Sensors and a remote terminal unit are placed at the affected river; and signals are transmitted through a LoRaWAN gateway to a server before being sent to a dashboard and notification system.

These environmental technology solutions were showcased during the Department of Environment’s Ozone Day on 12 Sept.  To learn more on MIMOS environmental technology solutions, drop an email to


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