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Wafer and IC Testing

MIMOS Wafer & IC Testing Lab provides wafer sorting and testing services for the processing of up to 200mm wafers. The lab is equipped with Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for evaluating and testing Digital, Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) and Power Devices, and provides engineering support for product prototyping.

The services provided include Parametric Test (PCM)/Wafer Acceptance Test (WAT), Wafer-Level Reliability Testing and Monitoring, Wafer Sort Capabilities/Chip Probe Test (CP), and Device and Interconnect Modelling.

Parametric Test (PCM)/Wafer Acceptance Test (WAT)
  • 4072 Auto Parametric Test System
  • 4073 Auto Parametric Test System
  • 4082A Auto Parametric Test System
Wafer Sort Capabilities/Chip Probe Test (CP)
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal Test Sytem
  • Functional Test System (Microcontroller and Consumer ICs)
Wafer-Level Reliability Testing and Monitoring
  • Plasma Damage and Hot Carrier Injection (HCI Degradation) Test System (Automatic)
  • Mobile Ionic Contamination (MIC), Electromigration, CV Measurement and Gate Oxide Integrity Test System (Manual)
Device and Interconnect Modelling
  • Device Modelling and Simulation for Device & IC Design (BSIM3v3)
  • Interconnect Parasitics Modelling