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The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is focused on R&D in Artificial Intelligence technology to develop high performance software components for Intelligent Big Data Analytics. The laboratory applies Data Science and Knowledge Science technologies like Machine Learning, Semantic Technology, large scale Graph Analytics, Rule Based Expert Systems and Natural Language Processing for deriving insights from the exponential growth of unstructured data and sensor data. MIMOS Intelligent Big Data Analytics are applied to Domain Knowledge Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Performance Optimisation, Online Analytical Processing, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics.

With a growing amount of information available, the need for Intelligent Big Data Analytics across all industries will be critical for entreprises and organisations to gain competitive edge. Sectors that may benefit from MIMOS Intelligent Big Data Analytics include agriculture, finance, health, bio-diversity, logistics, education, health, manufacturing, government, legal and many more.

For R&D collaborations, please send an e-mail indicating the area of collaboration to: