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Harvest-Ready Tree Detection

The agriculture industry involves many risks but is essential to humankind, a noble profession feeding families, communities and nations, but the success of your production yield depends on meticulous planning and backup plans as there are still other elements to be considered, such as the weather, crop diseases and natural disasters. When the global pandemic hit in 2020, supervising the various processes in place became difficult because most are not digital.

It is paramount to help the agriculture industry reduce its risks and still manage or increase yield. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture is one of the most encouraging prospects.

One of the AI-based technology solutions that MIMOS has created for the agriculture industry is Harvest-Ready Tree Detection. As the world’s second-largest palm oil producer, palm oil production is vital for the economy of Malaysia and in supplying the growing global consumer needs for oil and fats sustainably. The Harvest-Ready Tree Detection, a machine learning-based computer vision analysis platform, is used to analyse loose oil palm fruitlets to estimate the readiness of a tree for harvesting. The automated detection enables plantation owners effectively manage resources for harvesting activities.

Harvest-Ready Tree Detection identifies and classifies oil palm trees for harvest readiness using machine learning-based computer vision. It detects the presence of loose fruitlets on the ground and indicates the location of its tree on a semantic map representing an actual plantation area. This system aids plantation owners in saving time by deploying workers to the identified trees for harvesting, increasing labour productivity and reducing labour costs.