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Alleviating the pandemic impacts

Besides supporting the government’s persistent efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, MIMOS has taken various initiatives to safeguard the health of all employees whilst ensuring business continuity to meet its obligation as an R&D centre.

Some of MIMOS’ actions include accelerating the vaccination for its frontline staff under the Public-Private Partnership Industrial Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PIKAS), as part of its support for the National Recovery Plan.

Another measure taken by MIMOS was developing a Safe Return to Work mobile app that incorporates real-time safety monitoring within MIMOS’ campus. Among the features include room capacity alerts, safety regulations reminders, tracking of past positive Covid-19 cases and real-time close contact identification.

MIMOS has also developed and installed an AI-powered monitoring system on its campus that reminds people to practice physical distancing.

The system features a screen that displays the movement of the subjects and their distance from one another. People remaining more than one metre apart would be highlighted in green circles, while those who violated the stipulated distance would be indicated in red circles, thereafter triggering a warning siren.

MIMOS has also reactivated Work from Home (WFH) and Fit to Work (FTW) programmes to give its employees more flexibility while ensuring their safety. Under the FTW programme, MIMOS would evaluate the mental, emotional and physical health of its employees before allowing them to return to work.

MIMOS will continuously contribute to the nation’s recovery efforts through its ongoing operational and market-driven R&D activities.