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2023-issue-3Technology Insights

Envisioning a Greener Future Through Energy Monitoring

In conjunction with the National Science Week (Minggu Sais Negara) organised by MOSTI, MIMOS held two webinars in August. One of the webinars held on 15 August 2023 is on Energy Monitoring – A Powerful Tool for a Sustainable Future.

This virtual meeting assumed an essential role, captivating the interest of approximately 80 participants, predominantly representing esteemed universities and a diverse spectrum of industries. With an ardent commitment to fostering an eco-friendly and more sustainable global landscape, the event highlighted the indispensable significance of energy monitoring in realising this aspiration.

Energy Monitoring – A Powerful Tool for a Sustainable Future Webinar in conjunction with Minggu Sains Negara

Dr Roslee Mohd Sabri, a distinguished engineer celebrated for his pioneering contributions to wireless communications, IoT, sensor technologies, AI, and neuromorphic computing, took the stage as a MIMOS Speaker. Dr Sabri’s insightful talk inspired the audience regarding the leading-edge technologies propelling the evolution of energy monitoring.

Adding to the depth of the discussion, Mr Lim Say Thean, a representative of SquareCloud Malaysia, provided practical insights into the concrete incorporation of MIMOS Technology within their organisational solutions. Drawing from first-hand experiences of successful deployments, Mr Lim underscored the transformative potential embedded in the marriage of technological innovation and sustainable methodologies. By tangibly demonstrating how MIMOS’ technological prowess can be harnessed to tackle real-world energy challenges, Mr Lim’s contribution afforded attendees a tangible grasp of the real impact these advancements can deliver.

This collective endeavour showcased the significant crossroads of research, technology, and industry, seamlessly harmonising to pave a promising path toward an environmentally conscious future. The energy monitoring webinar not only bore witness to the potential of collaborative synergy in advancing sustainable paradigms but also reaffirmed innovation’s paramount role in steering us toward a green and sustainable tomorrow.