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More than just knowledge-sharing

MIMOS Knowledge Sharing | Despite the pandemic, MIMOS continued to engage with its stakeholders through physical and virtual conferences as well as exhibitions. The first quarter of 2022 saw MIMOS reaching out to the masses to raise awareness about its roles, R&D efforts, technological know-how and current direction.

MIMOS Knowledge Sharing


A crowd of people thronged MIMOS booth during the DBKL ICT Day to learn the agency’s technological capabilities and R&D core areas which include renewable energy and future grids, electric and autonomous vehicles, E&E manufacturing and automation and sensory in primary industry sectors.

Visitors also did not miss the opportunity to try their hands at GlucoSenz, a non-invasive blood glucose test device developed by MIMOS’ Photonics Lab. The event, which took place from March 15 to 17, was in conjunction with Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s 2022 Golden Jubilee celebration.

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EPCON Asia 2022

On March 10, key players and experts from the semiconductor industry gathered at the virtual Electronic Packaging Convention (EPCON) Asia 2022: Workforce of the Future to exchange insights on future workforce and talent readiness to brace through Industry 5.0 and future technologies.

The dialogue session, moderated by MIMOS Corporate Technology Director TS. Shamsul Anuar Abdul Wahid, addressed the shortage of high-end skills and how semiconductor industry can play a role in the research and innovation ecosystem.

EPCON Asia 2022 is an annual conference and workshop series that assembles semiconductor industry players to exchange insights on the current pressing crisis on chip supply, overall market recovery and its strategies, as well as advanced technologies.

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Offshore Technology Conference Asia 2022

Automation and remote operations are increasingly being adopted in many industries including shipping, aviation, logistics and automotive due to their ability to boost overall operational efficiency. 

If the oil and gas sector uses automation and remote operations to their full capacity, the technologies can enhance safety, on-site productivity and reduce costs, in addition to increase operational reliability.

This was among the topics discussed by MIMOS Senior Staff Researcher Dr Suhairi Saharudin, who was one of the panellists during the Automation and Remote Operations: Safety and Efficiency session at the Offshore Technology Conference Asia 2022.

Held on March 24, the discussion highlighted the benefits of automation and remote operations and what it takes to speed up the adaptation of these technologies in the oil and gas sector.

MIMOS Knowledge Sharing