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STIE the way forward

As science, technology, innovation and engineering (STIE) plays a significant role in strengthening knowledge-based economy, MIMOS continued increasing public awareness on the subject through various platforms such as forum and webinar.

  • AI and Blockchain Forum: Disruptive Technologies of 4th Industrial Revolution
    MIMOS raised awareness of blockchain from a layman’s perspective, its application and how people and industries can benefit from the technology. Held on October 12, MIMOS Principal Engineer Ahmad Zuhairi Ismail highlighted some of the agency’s blockchain applications such as palm oil traceability system, contactless payment, halal traceability and vaccine traceability. The forum was organised by TalentCorp, in collaboration with Invest Kedah and MyIR4.0 Consortium. Watch the forum here. 
  • Building a Resilient Nation: STI as the Enabler of the MP12
    On October 25, the 35th IdeaXchange programme gathered insights of experts and stakeholders, including MIMOS, to strengthen the policy, governance and ecosystem of STIE. Some of the views shared included capitalising on the potential of emerging technologies for better outcomes of the country. Organised by Academy Science of Malaysia, the session provided a platform for scientific community to generate new ideas, discuss interdisciplinary matters and debate on STIE topical issues.
  • Technology Expo 2021: Sustainable Development Goals International Innovation Awards
    Some of MIMOS’ technological innovations were showcased virtually at the expo including Glucosenz, MIMOS Off-Grid Communication (Mi-OGC), Smart Lockup, FloBo, MyDigital ID, MIMOS Licence Plate Recognition (Mi-LPR) and Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW). Held from October 25 to 29, the expo was aimed at recognising innovations and initiatives that contribute to sustainability, improving well-being, protecting our planet, and building peace and prosperity.