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Enabling industry transformation

MIMOS R&D supports the country’s digital transformation agenda. Our industry transformation journey entails leveraging technology trends and investing in advanced manufacturing technologies and processes; complemented with programmes in innovation, skills development and productivity improvement.

17 Feb – OpenNebula TechDay Kuala Lumpur saw local experts from MIMOS sharing their knowledge and thoughts

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11-14 Apr – Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy seminar and workshop, jointly organised with Agilent Technologies

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30-31 May Hands-on Seminar on Fibre Optic Sensor for lecturers, doctorates and postgraduate students

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29 Aug – Nvidia Deep Learning Day featured enlightening presentations on deep learning on GPU with a hands-on session

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The MIMOS Tech Talk series featuring IoT in May, Analytics – the Next Big Thing (Sept) and Digital Finance (Oct)

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MIMOS subject matter experts are notable speakers, such as at the Asia-Pacific Smart Cities Forum, the Global Symposium on Innovative Financial Inclusion and OpenNebula TechDay.

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