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2024-issue-1Technology Insights

MIMOS and HICOM Engineering Forge New Paths

On 29 February 2024, MIMOS welcomed representatives from HICOM Engineering Sdn. Bhd. marking a significant occasion for both organisations to explore mutual areas of interest and discuss the vast potential for collaboration in fields such as manufacturing automation, product design, and test labs, as well as delve into MIMOS’ pioneering research projects that focus on sustainability and advanced technology projects encompassing robotics, IoT, ICT, and E&E sectors.

The engagement with HICOM Engineering offered an exciting opportunity to bridge MIMOS’ technological research and innovations with practical applications in the industry, particularly in enhancing manufacturing processes and product development.

The discussions aimed at setting the groundwork for future collaborations that could revolutionise manufacturing automation and sustainability practices, aligning with global trends and demands.

This meeting not only showcased MIMOS’ commitment to technological advancement and sustainability but also opened avenues for leveraging technology to foster innovation in the manufacturing sector, setting the stage for transformative projects that could redefine industry standards.