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Information & Communication Technology

MIMOS Trusted Platform (Mi-Trust)


High value information is now the most sought after commodity that must be thoroughly protected. MIMOS Mi-Trust offers reactive security technology to protect the safety of such high value information.

MIMOS Mi-Trust is a security technology that offers reactive
protection for high value information. The reactive security provides protection when and where prevention measures are found insufficient. Mi-Trust is divided into two main core technologies: Mi-Trust Folder Protection and Mi-Trust Fingerprints. Mi-Trust Folder Protection monitors all activities in the system and guards against activities that affect files under its protection based on the policies that have been set. In a scenario where an intruder breaks into a website and modifies it, Mi-Trust Fingerprints detects the changes made and provides auto recovery if necessary.

Technology Summary

A security technology that offers reactive protection for high value
Industries: Enterprise, Government, Defence, Public Safety

  • File integrity protection
  • Webpage modification detection and auto recovery support
  • End-point security
Technology Benefits
  • Protection from unauthorised sharing
  • Real-time detection
  • Information monitoring and protection

Mi-Trust comprises the following features:




Mi-Trust comprises the following features:

  • File Integrity Protection
    Mi-Trust guards the files under its protection from malicious activities through copy prohibition, delete prohibition, web email attachment prohibition and runtime prohibition based on policy.
  • Webpage Modification Detection and Auto Recovery Support
    Mi-Trust detects unauthorised changes made on the system and auto recovers if necessary.
  • End-Point Security
    Mi-Trust provides data protection over a variety of platforms such as smart devices, servers, PCs and notebooks.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-Trust are:

  • Protection from Unauthorised Sharing
    Mi-Trust reactive protection prevents illegal sharing by valid users once a folder is deemed protected in the system.
  • Real-Time Detection
    Mi-Trust provides real-time detection to ensure the integrity of information.
  • Information Monitoring and Protection
    Mi-Trust monitors and protects information to ensure the security and integrity of folders and websites.