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2024-issue-1Corporate Highlights

Charting the Future with Unity, Innovation, and Excellence

 On 29 January 2024, MIMOS held its first town hall of the year, marking a significant gathering aimed at aligning strategies, celebrating past achievements, and setting the stage for the year ahead. The event commenced with the national anthem and MIMOS song, instilling a sense of pride and unity among MIMOSians.

Following this, a series of presentations by MIMOS leaders, including opening remarks by Head of Corporate Planning and Communications, Rosli Mohamed Yoosuf and a detailed review of the 2023 achievements and 2024 objectives by Mohana Dass Visvanathan Nair, Head of Integrated Operations, laid out a clear roadmap for the organisation’s future.

Strategic insights into the 2024 business plan were shared by Abdul Rashdee Abdul Kadir, the Acting Head of the Governance Sector, while organisational updates were announced by Muhd Ramizu Abdul Wahab, Head of Human Capital, ensuring that all members were aligned with the company’s strategic vision and operational adjustments.

The town hall further delved into the heart of MIMOS’ mission with an in-depth presentation on research and development by Ng Kang Siong, and a business overview by Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah, the Acting Head of the Techno Venture Sector, highlighting the organisation’s commitment to innovation and market relevance.

MIMOS’ Acting President and CEO, Dr Saat Shukri Embong’s closing remarks, “The Way Forward,” encapsulated the essence of the day, emphasising unity, dedication, and innovation as the cornerstones for future success.

This gathering not only served as a testament to MIMOS’ achievements and resilience but also as a strong call for continued innovation and excellence, setting a dynamic course for making impactful contributions to Malaysia and the global community.