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A Framework Of Fuzzy Control-Based Intelligent Control System For GreenhouseNovember 18, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Yi-Han Zu, Wen-Li Wu, Yong Xu, Mau-Luen Tham, Nordin Ramli Abstract The existing technology of carbon dioxide regulation methods are incomplete and time consuming. It is difficult to manage andnot environmentally friendly. Carbon dioxide regulation systems in greenhouse can only set carbon density thresholds relying on human experience. They cannot meet the practical requirements of the carbon […]

Surface Elemental Quantification of Au-Pd Pre-Plated Leadframe By Means of X-ray Photoelectron SpectroscopyOctober 17, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Kee Yeh Yee, S.R. Esa, B.A. Rahim and W.A.W. Ismail Abstract Quantification  of  sample  with  Palladium  (Pd)  and  Gold (Au)  using  X-ray Photoelectron  Spectroscopy  (XPS)  could  be  a great  challenge  due  to  the overlapping  of  Pd,  Au  and  Oxygen photoelectron  lines.  Conventional  baseline subtraction method  is not applicable when the content of Pdis too […]

Visual Clarity Checker (VC2) To Support Heuristic Evaluation: To What Extent Does VC2 Help Evaluators?October 17, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Masitah Ghazali, Ashok Sivaji, Norfarhana Abdollah, and Chuan Ngip Khean Abstract Visual clarity checking is one of the criteria to assess when performing heuristic evaluation (HE). HE, as we already aware, is a practice where the usability experts use their expertise and knowledge in assessing websites or systems. Whilst the practice is commonly performed […]

Software Capability Rating using System Testing ScoresOctober 17, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Muhammad Dhiauddin Mohamed Suffian, Fairul Rizal Fahrurazi, Loo Fook Ann, Nur Farahin Aman and Norzamzarini Bajuri Abstract This paper focuses on establishing a mechanism to perform capability rating to the software under test by exploiting the results from system testing. The rating is given based on the scores obtained from test strategies imposed to the software […]

CUDA Lossless Data Compression Algorithms – A Comparative StudyOctober 17, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Keh Kok Yong, Meng Wei Chua, Wing Kent Ho Abstract As data is  being  produced  in  an  unprecedented rate,  lossless data compression  has  become  an  important  step in  data  storage  and  transmission  processing  as it helps  to reduce the resource usage in these fields. However, the current bottlenecks  of  existing  lossless  data  compression  tools  […]

IoT In Precision Agriculture Applications Using Wireless Moisture Sensor NetworkOctober 17, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Ibrahim Mat, Mohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassim, Ahmad Nizar Harun, Ismail Mat Yusoff Abstract Internet  of  Things  (IoT)  is  a  network  of sensors  and  connectivity  to  enable  application like agriculture   optimum irrigation.  Wireless sensor network (WSN)   and Wireless  Moisture Sensor Network (WMSN)  are  components  of  IoT.  One of the important processes in agriculture […]

Mathematical Analysis Of Energy Efficiency Optimality In Multi-User OFDM SystemsSeptember 15, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Su Fong Chien, T.O.Ting, Xin-She Yang and Kenzo Takahashi Abstract The strong need and global interests for green communications necessitate the maximum reduction of energy consumption. Hence, one of the major challenges is to optimize the resource allocation and to improve the energy efficiency in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access system. In this paper, we analyze […]

Two-Level Scheduling For Video Transmission Over Downlink OFDMA NetworksSeptember 15, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Mau-Luen Tham, Chee-Onn Chow, Yi-Han Xu, Nordin Ramli Abstract This paper presents a two-level scheduling scheme for video transmission over downlink orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) networks. It aims to maximize the aggregate quality of the video users subject to the playback delay and resource constraints, by exploiting the multiuser diversity and the video characteristics. The upper […]

Synthesis Of Nitrogen-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite On Nickel Foam As Electrode For High-Performance SupercapacitorSeptember 15, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) Fook Yun Ban, Subramaniam Jayabal, Hong Ngee Lim, Hing Wah Lee, Nay Ming Huang Abstract An electrode with nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide/multiwall carbon nanotubes deposited on nickel foam (N-rGO/MWCNTs/NF) was successfully prepared using a simple one-pot hydrothermal method. The N-rGO/MWCNTs/NF composite was fabricated as an electrode for supercapacitor application. The supercapacitive performance of the NrGO/MWCNTs/NF electrode was studied […]

Resonant Characteristics And Sensitivity Dependency On The Contact Surface In QCM-micropillar- Based System Of Coupled Resonator SensorsSeptember 15, 2016 Click here to view

Author(s) M. A. M. Kashan, V. Kalavally, H. W. Lee and N. Ramakrishnan Abstract We report the characteristics and sensitivity dependence over the contact surface in coupled resonating sensors (CRSs) made of high aspect ratio resonant micropillars attached to a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM). Through experiments and simulation, we observed that when the pillars of resonant heights were […]

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