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MIMOS fosters new partnerships and innovation to propel the nation forward

This quarter has seen remarkable progress and achievement for us at MIMOS. Our dedicated team has reached significant milestones, embarked on innovative projects, and strengthened our local and international collaborations.

In this Quarter 2 edition, we will share highlights from our recent successes, provide insights into ongoing initiatives, and celebrate the exceptional contributions of our team members. As we continue to drive innovation and excellence, we are excited to share these updates with you and look forward to another quarter of growth and discovery.

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MIMOS Spearheading Malaysia’s Digital Leap

As 2024, the year of the Dragon and a leap year unfolds, MIMOS is at the forefront of Malaysia’s digital transformation journey, aligning closely with the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) to propel the nation towards a digitally empowered future. Our collaborative initiatives with tech leaders and research bodies are key to sparking innovation, driving development, and nurturing the talent that will steer Malaysia’s technology evolution.

The recognition from Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in November 2023 amplifies our commitment to the government’s vision for a competitive, Malaysia MADANI.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting phase, continuing to

Corporate HighlightsTechnology InsightsMIMOS Snippets

MIMOS Continue to Empower Malaysia’s Tech Future

As 2023 draws to a close, MIMOS continue to stand as a pivotal force propelling Malaysia’s tech industry toward a digitally advanced future, delivering substantial benefits to both society and the economy. Our ongoing collaboration with tech players and research institutes fosters innovation, fuels development, and cultivates future talents crucial for the country’s technological evolution.

Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim lauded our contributions during his visit to MIMOS Berhad on 21 November 2023. His recognition of our capacity to meet objectives and spearhead technological advancements perfectly aligns with the government’s vision for a globally competitive Malaysia under MADANI Malaysia.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on MIMOS’ latest strides in the fourth quarter of 2023, as we continue to empower Malaysia’s tech-driven future.

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Growth, Innovation, and Partnerships in Q3

As the third quarter of the year unfolds, our momentum remains strong in organising meetings, fostering collaborations, hosting workshops, and delivering training sessions. These efforts continue to propel the growth of the Technology industry. MIMOS is further enhancing its partnerships with strategic partners while actively venturing into fresh prospects with potential collaborators.

The commitment to applied R&D and the advancement of cutting-edge technology continue, supported by a dedication to global technopreneurship. Simultaneously, we are nurturing a culture suffused with trust, innovation, and an unswerving pursuit of excellence.

Stay updated on the most recent progress and happenings at MIMOS throughout the third quarter of 2023.

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Moving Forward with Strength and Conviction

As we enter the second quarter of the year, we continue to steadily move towards our goal of being a relevant, impactful and sustainable organisation.

Ensuring MIMOS continue to be a catalyst in the Technology industry’s growth, meetings, collaborations, workshops and training were organised to benefit industry players and the R&D community.

Get the updates on all the happenings in MIMOS so far in Q2 2023.

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Soaring into 2023!

As we usher out the year 2022 of the resilient tiger, we welcome the year of the rabbit with much hope of better performance and productivity. 2022 is a year of recovery and resilience to stay relevant and survive. It is also the year we launched our five-year strategic transformation plan as MIMOS Global.

As we enter 2023, it is time for MIMOSians to hit the ground running, transforming the industry with our frontier technologies and breaking boundaries into the international arenas.

Get the updates on what MIMOS has done so far in Q1 2023.

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Fueling Innovation

If COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that technology has become paramount in our survival and business continuity. As part of MIMOS’ continuous efforts to further strengthen the innovation ecosystem, MIMOS forged strategic partnerships with key players, one of which led in the establishment of a hub that will accelerate the technology adoption.

MIMOS has also been active in fulfilling its R&D obligations and demonstrating its technological prowess to the public.

Realising possibilities via innovations

MIMOS is where we turn possibility into reality. Together with our partners, we develop technological innovations that  address real-word problems. Our R&D output largely comprise smart solutions that meet industry needs for value creation.

As 2021 comes to an end, we look forward to more engagements, knowledge exchanges and further growth in the innovation ecosystem that 2022 will bring.

Energising the Nation

In the past, independence was about gaining freedom from colonisation. Today, we are fighting to be free from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic burden. As an agency that cares about Malaysia’s development, MIMOS has been working relentlessly to boost the nation’s economy and social wellbeing.

In the recent townhall, MIMOS’ chief revealed the agency’s strategic aim to create the next generation of successful technology companies to drive robust economic growth.

Virtual in Reality

As the surge in the COVID-19 cases led to the imposition of total lockdown nationwide, Malaysians have braced themselves for another round of restrictions, with virtual meetings, classes, conferences and events going in full swing.

Despite the pandemic, MIMOS continued to be productive and actively engaged with the stakeholders via online platforms, with capacity and capability building became the main focus in the second quarter of the year..

Bouncing Back from COVID-19

It has been more than a year since we lived with Covid-19 and we have gotten used to the new normal. Although Covid-19 will remain a challenge in 2021, the national vaccination rollout raises hope that progress is being made in our fight against the pandemic

Off to a good start, MIMOS became part of the history when it developed a Blockchain system for tracking and tracing of vaccines in Malaysia. The first quarter of the year was also filled with online talk series and webinars to keep the public abreast of MIMOS R&D activities

Getting back ON TRACK

It seems like COVID-19 is showing no sign of slowing down, but the Government has taken prompt actions to get our lives and economy back on track. One of the initiatives include a sandbox to intensify the use of disruptive technologies to boost economic growth, where MIMOS is part of the secretariat.

As we move forward, we welcome our new captain who is set to navigate the centre through the storm.

Coping with Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis has prompted the Government to make unprecedented interventions to sustain the people’s wellbeing and restore the economy. These include developing digital solutions to facilitate patient contact tracing, boosting e-commerce and assisting affected businesses to bounce back.

MIMOS has been working closely with the Government to help address these challenges and assist Malaysians in coping with the new normal.

Forging ahead in uncertain times

With a seemingly unrelenting pandemic across the globe, business as usual is easier said than done. The economic challenges faced by the country are immense, but fortunately, so are the options and opportunities.

MIMOS continues to push for greater adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions towards economic growth. A university is a perfect place for building intelligence towards a strong and stable digital economy.

How Was The Journey So Far?

Industry 4.0 demands that human and machines communicate and work in ways that will enable them to perform to their highest potential; while keeping the planet’s resources unharmed. MIMOS has been doing its bit in ensuring this demand is met. Undoubtedly, there’s much more work than one can imagine.

As we conclude 2019, let’s take a glance at the last quarter to see what worked and what did not.

Making Industry 4.0 techs work for the environment

As the world welcomes the new Industrial Revolution, bushfires, contaminated earth and rivers, and smuggling of animal parts have become causes for concern.

These are nonetheless old problems needing new solutions. MIMOS has developed intelligent solutions, but simple enough to enable relevant authorities to detect illegal human activities or forces of nature affecting the environment, so that they can focus their minds and energy on specific issues at hand

Issue 2

Towards AI-enabled future

In an era when innovation is the new normal, when our surrounding, activities and behaviours are continually being redefined by leading-edge technologies; organisations are working hard to ensure that their digital transformation are effectively managed.

MIMOS is imagining and working towards a data- and AI-enabled future, where practically everything can be customised in ways that will maximise outcomes – all driven and executed by industry-competent talent for a better Malaysia, for all.

Full speed ahead

2019 began with MIMOS further driving Industry 4.0by collaborating with a skills development centre in the northern region, on the same day swapping insights on TVET potentials at a forum held in Klang Valley.

Another highlight in the first quarter is the continuance of collaboration with the Navy

Issue 4

Preparing the grounds for 4IR

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gets underway – with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and other future technologies – massive possibilities lie ahead. As 2018 draws to a close, we look forward to more engagements, interactions and further growth in the innovation ecosystem that 2019 will bring.

Issue 3

Improving oral healthcare using photonics technology

MIMOS steps onto another level when it collaborates with UKM in dental application to further improve diagnosis of dental diseases

Issue 2

Improving oral healthcare using photonics technology

MIMOS steps onto another level when it collaborates with UKM in dental application to further improve diagnosis of dental diseases

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